The Ultimate Traveller series is going to inspire the adventure seeker in you! After attending the presentations, you will feel persuaded to find out more about these faraway lands and peoples.

We cordially invite you to join us for a series of imaginative travel talks on faraway places around our planet by world traveller Peter Langer. Discover the natural beauty of our planet, the wealth of human history and explore a diversity of cultures. Experience the magic of these fascinating worlds through a beautiful photographic journey.

This website features programming information about The Ultimate Traveller presentations. You can also read Peter Langer's letters from the road, filled with impressions, curious anecdotes, frustrations and some of the little secrets place have to offer.You will also find a page featuring a number of carefully selected links to help you with your travel plans. Here we feature a number of travel companies that have actually been used by Peter Langer personally, in addition to travel information links of a practical nature

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